3 in 1leveler roll feeder Is a machine for conveying materials,It is an indispensable equipment for light industry and heavy industry.The traditional feeder is a machine that uses the force of the machine motion to force the material to transport the material.Using high quality brushless servo motor drive,effectively shorten the distance adjustment and test time.And the use of high sensitivity decoder, full touch screen display easy to operate, back to insemination, feeding precision is improved.In the use of gauge belt transmission, can eliminate gear clearance, wear, no noise, no lubrication, safe and environmental protection.

1、 3 in 1leveler roll feeder automatic feeding device for collecting, leveling and feeding three machines,high-tech, high-precision, high-efficiency, the series of products in the punching machine can be said to be the apex performance correction of the feeder. Its function is space-saving, durable, easy to operate, etc. It has the advantages of long, especially good, super wide and thick material effect. The industry consensus is that it is the most advanced automatic feeding device.

2、Leveling machine, feeding machine is installed in the same machine, can reduce feeding and leveling error to achieve high precision, easy to install, do not take up space.

3、Can choose automatic hydraulic expansion, improve work efficiency.

3 in 1leveler roll feeder mechanical structure

1、The use of the computer control system of the numerical control system is more user-friendly. Suitable for all kinds of metal sheet correction and feeding; suitable for 0.3-9.0 thick material, design, space saving, easy to operate.

2、Structure: simple design, maintenance, maintenance and management are simple, improve operator safety; roll chrome, high precision, very durable. The feeding length can be arbitrarily set, the operation is convenient, the safety and the stability are high, and the square pressure before the disk is the material entering the roller. The motor drives the press arm device, the material will not loosen.

3、Suitable for continuous stamping processing of all kinds of hardware, electronics, electrical appliances, toys, auto parts, calibration, accurate, durable; material roller device, hydraulic expansion, automatic material feeding, no manual feeding, saving manpower, high safety.