Understanding the Core Components

Human-Machine Interface: Bridging Operator-Feeder Communication

In the intricate dance of the NC feeder, the human-machine interface stands as the bridge between the operator and the machine, facilitating seamless communication.

PLC Controller: Mastering Signal Processing

The PLC controller takes center stage in signal processing, issuing precise servo motion commands to the computational unit, directing the feeder’s every move.

Motion Control Processing Unit: Orchestrating Commands and Feedback

At the heart of the servo system, the motion control processing unit diligently processes servo motion commands and motor feedback, wielding control over the driver’s output.

Servo Driver: Precision in Every Instruction

Receiving instructions from the motion control processing unit, the servo driver takes charge of regulating motor output voltage and current, ensuring precision in every move.

Servo Motor: Powering Efficiency and Precision

As the lifeblood of the NC feeder, the servo motor delivers a potent mix of high torque, precise positioning, and energy efficiency, driving the machine’s intricate movements.

Feedback Mechanisms: Monitoring Every Aspect

Diligently providing insights into the motor’s status, length, and production yield counting, the feedback mechanisms keep a vigilant eye on the NC feeder’s vital signs.

External I/O: Command Center for Machine Control

Comprising control elements like sensors and solenoid valves, the external I/O serves as the command center for the NC feeder’s intricate control, ensuring seamless machine operation.

The Ingenious Functionality of the NC Feeder Servo System

In the relentless pursuit of precision, the NC feeder employs a servo control system, utilizing cutting-edge real-time monitoring technology to elevate feeding precision and stability.

Multi-Stage Feeding: Adapting to Complexity with Ease

A standout feature of the NC feeder is its multi-stage feeding capability, enabling it to seamlessly adapt to various complex molds. This versatility allows the feeder to cater to different tooling within a single machine, a feat that sets it apart in the realm of precision engineering.

Unveiling the Advantages

User-Friendly Touchscreen Interface: Simplifying Complexity

Boasting a 7-inch user-friendly touchscreen interface, the NC feeder ensures intuitive operation, minimizing the need for complex button maneuvers. The intelligent setting interface guides users through configurations, enhancing the overall user experience.

High Efficiency and Precision: A Symphony of Yaskawa and Mitsubishi Excellence

The NC feeder’s servo control system marries Yaskawa servo motors with Mitsubishi PLC, ensuring rapid processing speeds and impeccable response times. With a focus on high-performance motion control, it orchestrates motion curves with finesse, delivering stable, high-precision, and efficient feeding operations.

Operation Monitoring: Real-Time Vigilance for Enhanced Safety

Real-time monitoring of the main motor’s operational status and stamping conditions defines the NC feeder’s commitment to safety. In the face of exceeded values, it promptly halts operations, issues alerts on the HMI, and provides actionable insights, reducing defect rates and elevating stamping production safety.

I/O Real-Time Monitoring: A Constant Watchful Eye

The NC feeder’s external I/O ensures real-time monitoring, maintaining a constant watchful eye on the intricate dance of machine operations, further fortifying its commitment to precision.

Database Management: Empowering Efficiency and Rapid Production

A memory function for stamping and feeding propels the NC feeder into the realm of efficient production. Users can input and memorize parameters for different presses, enhancing factory management and production efficiency with swift retrieval of settings for various presses and molds.

High Integration: Streamlined Control for Maximum Effect

Bringing together motion control, technical functions, PLC, and closed-loop drive control into a singular, streamlined control system, the NC feeder demands only one system to masterfully control the machine. This high integration simplifies operations, enhancing overall efficiency.

In the world of precision engineering, the NC feeder stands tall, a testament to the seamless fusion of technology and ingenuity. With its servo control system at the helm, it not only meets but surpasses the demands of intricate tooling, setting new standards for precision, efficiency, and user experience.

NC Feeder
NC Feeder