The decoiler-straightener-feeder is a cutting-edge solution designed to maximize floor space, improve straightening and feeding accuracy, and streamline operations in stamping production lines. This all-in-one machine combines the functionalities of uncoiling, straightening, and feeding, eliminating the need for three separate machines. The decoiler-straightener-feeder epitomizes advanced techniques in today’s stamping automation industry.

Understanding the Decoiler-Straightener-Feeder

Stamping business owners and operators may find the decoiler-straightener-feeder a novel and complex device. To facilitate seamless operation and usage, we present a comprehensive guide on its process and methodology:

1. Proper Installation and Alignment

Position the decoiler-straightener-feeder close to the press’s feed inlet and align their centerlines before securing it. Make sure the machine’s centerline is aligned with the press bed’s centerline. Loosen the four height adjustment screws on the feeder head and use the touch screen’s up or down button to adjust the feed outlet height to match the die’s lower height. Finally, tighten the screws.

2. Loading Coil Material

Place the stamping coil material on the hydraulic loading cart in the uncoiling section. Raise the decoiler’s material stopper wheel using a manual valve and adjust its width according to the material’s width. Start the cart to load the coil material onto the decoiler’s support plate. Initiate the expansion, allowing the hydraulic system to hold the coil’s inner hole while the cart lowers and returns to its initial position.

3. Uncoiling and Feeding Preparation

Lower the material stopper wheel in the uncoiling section and press down the material pressure wheel for uncoiling during feeding. Make sure the pressure arm roller presses against the coiled material to prevent uncoiling and enable smooth feeding. For thin materials, adjust the pressure of the attached pressure relief valve on the cylinder to modify the pressure arm’s downward pressure, avoiding defects.

4. Guiding Material Head

Open the air valve switch to raise the material support device in the uncoiling section, then jog the decoiler to automatically send the material head along the guiding arc device to the main feed inlet.

5. Straightening and Feeding Process

Open the air valve switch to raise the hydraulic material guide device in the straightening and feeding section. When the material head reaches the pressure area, lower the straightening device to flatten the material head for smooth entry into the feeder head.

6. Optimal Material Flatness

Adjust the worm gear pressure device of the straightening machine within the decoiler-straightener-feeder to achieve the desired material flatness. Then, use manual control to slowly guide the material into the stamping die.

7. Relaxed State for Decoiler-Straightener-Feeder

Stop the press when the die’s guide pin just enters the material, and adjust the press to relax the cam, placing the decoiler-straightener-feeder in a relaxed state at this angle.

8. Testing and Continuous Production

Manually start the decoiler-straightener-feeder to test stamp one or two pieces, ensuring the feed pitch is accurate. Activate the automatic feeding function on the touch screen, verify its accuracy, and then initiate continuous automatic production.

By following this step-by-step guide, operators can seamlessly integrate the decoiler-straightener-feeder into their stamping production lines, optimizing efficiency and ensuring high-quality output.