Current Scenario: Heavy-Duty Decoiler Machines and Lower Yield Stress Materials

At present, popular stamping, shearing, laser cutting, and roll forming materials, such as cold-rolled plates, pickled plates, aluminium sheets, and galvanized plates, are characterized by relatively low yield stress. The use of high-performance decoiler machines, enhanced with auxiliary devices, allows for outstanding decoiling results. For instance, to handle significant coil weights, an additional hydraulic expansion can be incorporated. If the material exceeds a thickness of 2mm, a pneumatic presser arm can be integrated. For exceptionally wide coils, an upper blocking arm can be affixed. This adaptability has catapulted heavy-duty decoiler machines to be a favorite choice for clients.

Emerging Challenges with High-Strength and High-Tension Thick Plates

Nevertheless, the growing prevalence of automation technologies presents new challenges. High-strength and high-tension thick plates are increasingly processed on automated production lines. Standard heavy-duty decoiler machines struggle to keep pace with this evolution. High yield strength coil materials, once unbound, spread out rapidly due to the inadequate pressure provided by the upper presser arm. This uncontrolled spreading leads to friction between the plate and machine base or floor, resulting in surface scratches on the plate. This situation compromises the decoiling process’s quality, and the risks of potential safety hazards and injuries also increase.

The Solution: High-Tension Thick Plate Heavy-Duty Decoiler Machines

High-strength and high-tension thick plates demand a more refined solution: a bespoke heavy-duty decoiler machine specifically tailored for high-tension thick plates. This machine, expertly designed and engineered for coils with excessively high yield strength and tensile strength, includes two radially arranged support devices at its base. During the decoiling process, these devices synergize with the upper presser to maintain a consistent grip on the coil, effectively preventing rapid spreading.

Mechanism of the High-Tension Thick Plate Heavy-Duty Decoiler Machines

The support mechanism of these dedicated high-tension thick plate decoiler machines consists of a support bracket connected to the decoiler base (via bearings), a pneumatic support driver that propels the bracket’s operation, and a support wheel attached to the support bracket. The pneumatic support device provides a reliable driving force, enabling the bracket to move radially along the expanding and contracting drum. This mechanism offers consistent and reliable support for the coil, ensuring a stable and dependable unwinding process for high-tension coil material. In this way, the heavy-duty decoiler machines have risen to the challenge, solving the pressing issues facing the industry.

decoiler machine
decoiler machine