The NC servo feeder, renowned for its extensive functionality, broad applicability, easy operation, user-friendliness, and consistent performance, has become the go-to punch press feeder for stamping manufacturers in today’s market. However, occasional malfunctions may arise during usage due to unfamiliarity or inadequate maintenance. In this article, we’ll outline effective solutions for tackling the issue of the NC servo feeder’s inability to automatically feed materials.

When utilizing the NC servo feeder, users may experience a situation where, upon activating the automatic feeder and pressing the start button, the feeder only feeds once, failing to continue automatic feeding afterward. While manual control remains operational, the automatic feeding feature becomes nonfunctional. In such instances, the following methods can be quickly employed to detect and rectify the problem:

1. Assessing the Counter Value: Has it Reached its Limit?

Solution: Check the touch screen counter settings to verify if the counter value has reached the predetermined number. If so, reset the counter to zero, and the automatic feeding function should return to normal operation. If the counter value hasn’t reached the specified number, continue to investigate the issues below.

2. Evaluating Feeding Techniques: Single or Multiple Segments?

Solution: Inspect the touch screen segment settings. For single-step distance feeders, confirm whether any feeding length or count settings have been modified in steps other than the first. If changes have been made, reset the lengths and counts in all steps except for the first one to zero.

3. Determining Shearing Machine Read iness: When is the Right Time to Cut?

Solution: If the feeder is connected to a shearing machine, make sure that the cutting delay is set appropriately. If the cutting delay is too short, adjust the delay time as needed.

4. Examining the Connection: Is the NC Servo Feeder Properly Linked to the Punch Press?

Solution: Inspect the cam connection and signal cable connection. If the previously mentioned issues have been ruled out and the automatic feeding function still doesn’t work, examine the punch press’s cam output for any malfunctions, or check whether the automatic feeding signal cable has become loose or disconnected due to improper operation or maintenance.

This technique, inspired by the 5W1H approach, is what we call the “3W1H Method.” By asking these four crucial questions, the root cause of the problem can be quickly identified. The inability of the NC servo feeder to automatically feed materials is typically linked to the issues discussed above. If the NC servo feeder continues to fail in feeding materials automatically after all possible causes have been investigated and eliminated, please contact us for further support.

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