Effortless Installation of Mechanical Roller Feeder

The installation of a mechanical roller feeder is remarkably simple. First, drill four M16 mounting holes on the workbench beneath the punch feed port. Then, use the mounting plate to suspend the mechanical roller feeder’s main body on the punch body. Lastly, secure the eccentric disk with a fixed seat on the punch output shaft, adjust the connecting rod and eccentric disk, and loosen and open the fixed slider on the punch in the appropriate position.

Mastering Roller Feeder Usage: Assembly and Adjustment Challenges

The real challenge of mechanical roller feeder installation lies in assembling and adjusting the connecting rod and eccentric disk. The following sections provide a detailed explanation of these components’ installation.

1. Eccentric Disk and Connecting Rod Installation

First, secure the mechanical roller feeder’s eccentric disk to the punch output shaft using a fixed seat. Then, align the feeder’s universal joint (right thread) and the heart axis on the eccentric disk to form a 90-degree angle between the universal joint (left thread) and the rocker arm.

2. Roller Feeder Installation: Connecting Rod Assembly

Measure the distance from the universal joint (right thread) on the eccentric disk to the universal joint (left thread) on the mechanical roller feeder using a tape measure. Adjust the connecting rod to this length after assembling its three sections and tighten the two screws on its inner side. Next, connect the universal joints (right and left thread) to the connecting rod and eccentric disk heart axis, and rotate the connecting rod to screw both ends into the left and right universal joints. Be cautious not to overtighten the connection against the rocker arm. Finally, secure the outer side screws of the connecting rod to the left and right universal joints.

3. Adjusting and Positioning the Roller Feeder Connecting Rod Length

Once the connecting rod is installed, adjust its length to avoid causing the feeder main shaft to bend. The ideal adjustment is to form a 90-degree angle between the rocker arm and the universal joint (left thread) when the punch is at the top dead center position. If the angle is greater than 90 degrees, extend the connecting rod until the desired angle is reached. If the angle is less than 90 degrees, shorten the connecting rod’s length accordingly.

4. Roller Feeder Eccentric Disk Installation: Fine-Tuning Adjustments

To adjust the eccentric disk, first set the punch stroke to 270 degrees (9 o’clock). Then, rotate the eccentric disk so that the groove centerline of the eccentric disk and the connecting rod axis form a straight line.

By following these detailed steps and adjustments, you can ensure optimal performance and longevity of your mechanical roller feeder. As a result, you’ll enjoy increased efficiency and reduced downtime in your operations.

mechanical roller feeder
mechanical roller feeder