We have several mask making machines complete assembly . Some of them complete adjusting & testing , and already shipped . Some still on the floor and preparing for more orders .
The machines include N95 mask making line and 3 plys flat disposable mask making machines , both are full automatic type .
For the 3 plys mask machines , we focus on making 1+1 type . Why we prefer 1+1 than 1+2 ? Compare with 1+2 , the 1+1 using different systems , it is control by servo . So it running more steady , also the speed improved . Considering the shipping and floor space , the 1+1 obviously take the advantage by its compact dimensions and light weight . The 1+1 is more easier to install after shipping , just need to connect some components .
The N95 machines will shipped after testing completed . It will separated to 4 parts when shipping to abroad , and also easy to install .

Henli Machinery-SYDA now is one of the major mask machines manufacturers on government’s list .

Our product on Alibaba :

N95 Full automatic Mask Making Line

3 ply flat type mask full automatic making line

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