With the continuous advancement of society, industrial automation is also constantly improving. NC servo feeders are also widely used in stamping, shearing, rolling and other fields. In response to the use of the NC servo feeder, HENLI Company conducted a survey on the users and found that the customers have to maintain the machine every day. The use of the machine is very good, and it is rarely used to call our customer service. personnel. On the contrary, the customer does not have to maintain the machine on a daily basis, the use of the machine is not satisfactory, and the customer service staff of the phone will often be given some small problems. It can be seen that the quality of the machine is closely related to daily maintenance.

Here, the maintenance inspection items of the NC servo feeder are listed. I hope that the customers can consciously implement it, thus ensuring the normal operation of the machine and making more profits for the company!

A,in order to protect the safety of the staff on the machine, the operator must respect the above matters:

  1. If you need to terminate the work or make some adjustments to some devices, please turn off the power first.
  2. If the air pressure device is inspected or repaired, the air compressor must be stopped and the residual air removed.
  3. If the electromagnetic, pressure device, starter, etc. are inspected or adjusted, it must be performed by a professional.

B, maintenance inspection

In order to ensure the stable mechanical performance of the NC feeder, as well as the safety of the machine, and to take into account the improvement of production performance, please do the following checks:

  1. Feed the oil: the gear part of the roller, apply gear butter, and add or replace the gear oil.
  2. Remove water: Press or rotate the button below the collection bucket to remove excess water.
  3. Remove dirt between the rollers.
  4. Is there any foreign matter between the gears??
  5. Whether the oil pressure is normal, whether the pressure gauge is normal, and whether the pressure indicated by the pressure gauge is normal.
  6. Is there any shallow leak in the air supply system?
  7. Are the screws and nuts that are combined between the organizations loose?
  8. Does the feed roller have a good parallelism (when the feed roller is closed, the upper and lower rollers are all tightly closed).
  9. whether the parts are damaged, deformed, abnormal sounds or other abnormalities.
  10. Is there any abnormality in the switch and indicator light on the operation panel

C, regular inspection

The machine needs to be inspected every 6 months or 1000 hours during the work. In addition to the daily inspection items, the following checks must be carried out:

  1. External electrical wiring inspection
  • Whether the external electrical wiring is deformed, damaged, leaked or short-circuited.
  1. Operate the switch check on the face plate
  • a, Face button, whether the contact is conductive and whether there is oil adhesion.
  • b, Can the button be touched.
  1. Check of the forward cam switch
  • a, Whether the rotation and movement are normal.
  • b, Is there any adhesion of oil