1. Fuel tank maintenance.

1. 1. Confirm the oil level gauge to keep the oil level within the upper and lower limits.
1.2. Use an oil thermometer to check whether the oil temperature in the oil tank is within an appropriate range. The high oil temperature near the pump suction inlet should not be higher than 55°C.
1.3. The metal mesh of the oil supply port cannot be removed when the 3 in 1 uncoiler straightener feeder is running.
1.4. The bottom of the fuel tank should be drained regularly.
1.5. Pump the oil every 2-3 months, check the oil contamination and replace it if necessary.
1.6. When changing the oil, be sure to clean the inside of the oil tank and the filter of the oil tank.
1.7. Check the air filter element of the vent hole.

2. Maintenance of pump and suction pipe side.

2.1. The oil tank filter on the side of the suction pipe should be taken out and cleaned regularly, and cleaned with gasoline and light oil.
2.2. There is a vacuum gauge on the side of the suction pipe to measure the negative pressure value during operation and confirm that it is within the allowable suction value of the pump.
2.3. Pay attention to the looseness of the joints in the suction pipe system and the connection part of the pump to avoid inhaling air.
2.4. When lubricating grease needs to be injected into the pump and coupling, oil should be injected every 1-6 months
2.5. Use a pressure gauge to confirm whether the discharge pressure of the pump is normal.

3. Maintenance of the control valve of the oil pressure system of the 3 in 1 uncoiler straightener feeder.

3.1. For any type of pressure control valve, the setting value must be confirmed. When adjusting the screw, the pressure must be able to change smoothly.
3.2. The directional control valve is confirmed by the action of the hydraulic cylinder, and because it is vulnerable to impact, it is necessary to check the looseness of the screws of each part.
3.3. The flow control valve uses a hydraulic cylinder to determine the set position of the handle.

4. Maintenance of the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic system of the 3 in 1 uncoiler straightener feeder.

4.1. Pay attention to whether the centerline of the hydraulic cylinder coincides with the center of the actuator.
4.2. Be careful not to block the rod with foreign matter.
4.3. Check the internal leakage at regular intervals.

5. Maintenance of other components of the oil pressure system of the 3 in 1 uncoiler straightener feederr.

5.1. Be sure to check the air pressure of the pressure accumulator regularly. When replenishing nitrogen from the cylinder, be sure to use the air supply valve of the pressure accumulator.
5.2. Regularly check the water leakage of the oil cooler.
5.3. The cooling fins of the cooler are prone to dust, so clean them regularly to avoid cooling efficiency reduction.
5, 4. Check whether the joints of the piping are loose.

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