Vertical uncoilers are widely used in the stamping industry due to their versatility, high load-bearing capacity, and customizable features. While there are different types available, such as lightweight, heavyweight, and double-headed uncoilers, they all operate on the same load-bearing principles. These uncoilers utilize an expandable mandrel to support the coil material, with uncoiling achieved through motorized mechanisms. However, when it comes to uncoiling small coil materials, manual expansion increases operator workload and reduces efficiency, while hydraulic expansion incurs additional costs. Is there a more economical and labor-saving solution available? Introducing the lightweight screw-driven uncoiler, a cost-effective and time-saving alternative specifically designed for small coil materials.

The Advantages of Lightweight Screw-Driven Uncoilers

The lightweight screw-driven uncoiler is a new development based on the traditional vertical uncoiler, addressing the need for efficient uncoiling of small coil materials. It incorporates a novel transmission structure comprising bevel gears, screw drives, rotating bodies, support rods, material support plates, and a worm gear with a clutch. The expansion process is achieved through an electrically driven pneumatic shaft, providing fully automated expansion without the requirement of a hydraulic station or rotating oil cylinders. Let’s explore the advantages offered by this innovative uncoiler:

1. Cost-effectiveness and Time Savings

The lightweight screw-driven uncoiler eliminates the need for costly hydraulic stations, significantly reducing production expenses. With its efficient design, it streamlines the uncoiling process, saving valuable time and enabling increased productivity.

2. Labor Savings and Efficiency

By automating the expansion process, the lightweight screw-driven uncoiler minimizes operator workload and increases overall efficiency. Operators no longer need to manually expand the coil material, allowing them to focus on other essential tasks.

3. Compact Footprint and Lightweight Construction

This uncoiler is designed with a compact footprint, making it ideal for space-constrained environments. Its lightweight construction ensures ease of installation and portability without compromising load-bearing capacity.

4. Convenient Shifting and Simple Operation

The lightweight screw-driven uncoiler offers convenient shifting capabilities, allowing it to adapt to varying production requirements. Its user-friendly operation ensures that operators can quickly learn and operate the equipment with minimal training.

Operation of the Lightweight Screw-Driven Uncoiler

The operation of the lightweight screw-driven uncoiler involves two primary processes: expansion and uncoiling. Let’s take a closer look at each of these processes:

Expansion Process

  1. The rotation of the handle positions the locating pin against the rotating body, providing circumferential positioning. This action separates the bevel gears from the rotating body.
  2. Activating the motor of the lightweight screw-driven uncoiler initiates the rotation of the main spindle, which drives the bevel gears and screw drive.
  3. The screw drive expands the material support plate outward, ensuring a tight hold on the coil.

Uncoiling Process

  1. The rotation of the handle moves the locating pin away from the rotating body, causing the bevel gears to disengage from the rotating body.
  2. By starting the motor, the main spindle rotates, enabling the rotating body and screw drive to rotate as a unit.
  3. This synchronized rotation facilitates automatic uncoiling of the lightweight coil material, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.


In the realm of uncoiling small coil materials, the lightweight screw-driven uncoiler emerges as a game-changing solution. Its unique features, including cost-effectiveness, time and labor savings, compact footprint, lightweight construction, easy installation, convenient shifting, and simple operation, make it an ideal choice for industries seeking optimized efficiency. Embracing this innovative uncoiler ensures enhanced productivity and streamlined operations, setting businesses apart from their competitors. Invest in the lightweight screw-driven uncoiler today and unlock the full potential of your uncoiling processes.