First of all, let’s have a brief understanding what is leveling feeder. The function of leveling machine is to level the material for stamping, which is convenient for products’ stamping and forming. The strip or plate with a certain thickness can be leveled by upper and lower rollers, so as to achieve the effect of leveling. It is called leveling machine.

Whether leveling machine or leveling feeder equipment, attention should be paid to frequent maintenance when using. Maintenance can make the service life of equipment longer and the product quality higher. Many customers often ignore or do not know how to maintain leveling machine and leveling feeder, resulting in leveling machine feeder can not work normally. The material is stained and damaged after being made or leveled. Here by Dongguan HENLI Machinery for you to sort out the leveling machine and feeder of some of the usual maintenance knowledge.

First of all, the leveler and leveler feeder maintenance, as to the leveler feeder mechanical parts, machine exposed parts and more easily rusty transmission parts, should often add butter or rust-proof oil to prevent machine rust, gear, sprocket and other transmission parts to add lubricating butter every 15 days.

Secondly, it is necessary to clean the leveling rollers. Some factories may have large dust or unclean raw materials, which results in dirty leveling rollers of leveling machine contamination or scratch materials when leveling materials, resulting in unqualified products. Therefore, attention should be paid to cleaning the leveling rollers at ordinary times.

When cleaning rollers, we need to prepare long cloth, rust-proof cleaning oil and so on. Specific method: first spray the leveler rollers with rust-proof cleaning oil, then spray the cloth with rust-proof cleaning oil and metal material overlapping, leveler to manual, according to the positive rotation, metal material and cloth together into the leveling rollers, after the cloth is discharged from the outlet, remove the metal material, and retain the cloth in the leveler roll. Inside the tube. Then the leveler is converted to automatic, and the two hands grasp the material distribution at the inlet and outlet ports. The dirt on the rollers is cleaned by rolling and friction of the rollers, so that the rollers can be cleaned and leveled. There is a certain danger in this cleaning process. Operators should pay attention to safety.

This is some maintenance knowledge about the leveling feeder. It is easy to do this work but can get a good effect during using the machine.