Is the feeding of the Coil Feeding Line accurate? Can it meet the feeding requirements of precision press punching production? Many customers are asking this question, and I will answer this question next.

Because the coil feeding line uses Mitsubishi (Yaskawa) servo motor, servo control system and high-definition touch screen, the feeding accuracy of the coil feeding line can be controlled within 0.02mm under normal circumstances. And the feeding length can be adjusted arbitrarily between 1.0mm-9999.99mm, and the parameter design only needs to be set through the operation panel. Therefore, whether it is a thick plate type coil feeding line or a thin plate type coil feeding line, it can fully meet the feeding accuracy required in press punching production.

The reason why the coil feeding line can feed so accurately is that the coil feeding line has been improved in the structure design of the original traditional feeder. The coil feeding line is composed of three structures: decoiler machine, servo feeder machine, and precision leveler machine. The overall model is more compact, which greatly reduces its occupied space. This is also one of the reasons why the coil feeding line can achieve high-precision feeding.

If you want to ensure the feeding accuracy, you must operate in full accordance with the specifications of the coil feeding line, and at the same time, you must also maintain it regularly, so as to ensure the stability of the feeding accuracy for a long time.