In modern industry, more and more attention is paid to speed, intelligence, and safety are always the first, in order to facilitate the operation of customers, but in front of these increasingly convenient operating machines, we summarize the safe operation of the press feed line , for your reference only!

1. Before the official use of the press feed line, you should wear protective equipment (work clothes, glasses, gloves).

2. Never put your hand into the work area to pick up the workpiece, and use some auxiliary tools to help yourself as much as possible.

3. When the machine is in normal operation, the thinking should be highly concentrated, do not look left and right, and it is not allowed to operate while talking to people.

4. In addition, the mold should be carefully calibrated before using the press feed line. If the brake of the punch press fails, stop using it immediately.

5. There should be a protective cover above the foot switch of the press punch machine, and the foot should be released from the switch after one punch. A high-speed press punch machine is not needed in this regard.

6. Wipe the machine tool well before leaving get off work, apply lubricating oil to the working parts, and carry out careful protection.

7. During use, pay attention to adjusting the clearance of each part of the press feed line. The safety device should be intact, and the belt cover and gear cover should be complete.

8. Do not lean on the machine tool, in case the material is too close to fall into the machine and cause the switch to fail.

9. If the machine tool of the press feed line fails, it should be reported to the relevant personnel to find out the cause and eliminate the fault, and it is strictly forbidden to deal with it without authorization.