Hydraulic uncoiler is a model that uses hydraulic expansion and contraction instead of manual expansion to achieve fast and efficient expansion and contraction. It is divided into two types: hydraulic uncoiler and hydraulic double-head uncoiler, which are mainly used for automatic unwinding and uncoiling with material weight exceeding three tons.

Compared with the maintenance of the standard uncoiler, the hydraulic uncoiler has one more maintenance of the hydraulic system, which I will introduce one by one.

1. Regularly add suitable hydraulic oil to the hydraulic station of the hydraulic uncoiler.

2. In daily use, care should be taken to avoid moisture, dust and other mechanical debris from entering the hydraulic system. If there is, it needs to be stopped in time for cleaning.

3. Regularly check whether the oil volume of the hydraulic station is sufficient, and if it is not enough, it needs to be refilled in time.

4. Correctly clean the hydraulic station every year and fill with enough oil.

a. When cleaning, the hydraulic pressure should be released when the uncoiler is just finished working (easy to release impurities, oil, etc. in the hydraulic station)

b. To clean the hydraulic oil, it is necessary to use the hydraulic oil that has been used in the hydraulic station and has the same grade.

c.After thoroughly cleaning the hydraulic station and the corresponding pipelines, fill the hydraulic oil according to the specified oil.

The above is about the maintenance method of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic uncoiler.
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