The press feed line is a machine with three functions of uncoiling, leveling and feeding specially designed for various materials. The press feed line adopts an innovative mechanical structure, which makes the working space required by the whole machine smaller, and the man-machine interface is convenient for the operator to use. So what adjustments are made to each part of the press feed line during use?

1. Correction pressure adjustment
Adjust the air pressure according to the thickness of the material to prevent excessive vibration during work or crush the material. The general pressure is about 5kgf/cm2.

2. Pressure adjustment of the pressing arm
During the feeding process, the pressing arm will press the material to prevent the material from spreading. When the material is thin, it can be adjusted according to the thickness of the material to avoid excessive pressure on the pressing arm and cause defects in the material.

3. End detection
Once the end of the material passes the sensor at the feeding port of the correction part, the punch will stop at the top dead center, and the remaining material can be fed one by one in a single-action mode.

4. The three-point combined pressure adjustment is located behind the electric control box, and the normal working pressure is 5-7 kgf/cm2.

5. Brake pressure adjustment
The pressure regulating valve is located on the side of the material rack body, and the pressure is generally 4kgf/cm2.

The above is about the adjustment of each part of the press feed line during use. I hope that through the introduction of the above article, you will have a preliminary understanding of the press feed line.