Uncoiler machine, this kind of equipment, also called the decoiler, material rack, the loading rack, the unwinding machine, etc., is an indispensable unwinding equipment for the metal coil material to be stamped and processed. Like the feeder, it is also a product that must be used in the factory workshop. Applicable to the continuous stamping processing industry of various auto parts, hardware and electronic parts. We know more about several uncoiler machines, and different uncoiler machines have different characteristics.

In the front, heavy materials can be placed in the uncoiler machine to work together with the punching machine to improve production efficiency; according to the inner diameter of the material, the outer diameter of the rack tile can be arbitrarily adjusted to put the material into its rack;

Uncoiler machine adopts the reducer. The ordinary motor operates together, and the operation mode is belt running. The machine is divided into metal rods for conductive induction. Metal Rod Conductive Induction: Suitable for continuous stamping of various hardware and electronic parts.

uncoiler machine

The advantages of uncoiler machine:

  1. The uncoiler machine is suitable for the delivery of various coil materials. The thin metal and non-metal materials can be equipped with motor power to match the feeding device. The brake device can be adjusted tightly, and the spindle is reinforced to make the material roll rolling more smoothly and increase its Load capacity, with the automatic production of punching machine, indispensable parts, saving manpower, material resources, reducing costs, the effect is very good, using Japanese electromagnetic contact system and electronic parts, less failure, long life.
  2. Uncoiler machine can save the refueling time and improve the production efficiency. It can be used together with the correcting machine. It can be equipped with a motor and electric control instead of a power rack. There are two expansion modes: manual expansion and hydraulic expansion. The left and right shifting type light material frame can be simple in structure and low in failure rate, and a special step less speed change device can be used to control the discharge speed. Metal Rod Conductive Induction: Suitable for continuous stamping of various metals and non-metals.

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