The decoiler belongs to the vertical uncoiling equipment, which is used to place the coil material on the expansion and contraction reel. In order to avoid the radial movement of the coil, the upper limit device must be used to ensure the centering of the coil and the stability of uncoiling. And Henli’s decoiler is equipped with 4 A-type irons as standard stoppers. In actual use, first determine the positions of the two inner layer A-type irons according to the width of the material, and manually lock them. Then after loading the coil, install the other 2 A-type irons and close to the coil, and then manually tighten the fastening bolts to complete the radial limit of the coil.

Although this kind of A-type iron radial positioning method can also play a good material blocking positioning effect for the decoiler, the installation and adjustment are relatively cumbersome. At the same time, additional calculation of the centering position is required, requiring operators to have professional debugging experience, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

In order to fundamentally solve this problem, Henli has designed a pneumatic stop arm device for optional. It assembles two air cylinders on the right side of the coil drum of the decoiler, and composes the stopper arm device by adjusting the hand wheel. It can easily complete the centering and blocking limit of various material coils, with simple operation and low labor intensity. An ordinary operator can complete it quickly, which greatly saves the loading time.

The stop arm device of Henli’s decoiler is composed of a mounting seat, a stop rod, a rotating shaft, a hand wheel, a screw, a connecting plate, a driving cylinder, and a vertical control handle. The retaining rods are evenly arranged on the circumference with the center of the decoiler as the center, and a material retaining space is formed between the retaining rods. The up and down movement is realized by the control handle by driving the cylinder. The radial movement of the stop rod is manually adjusted by the handwheel, so that the screw rotates to drive the nut threaded with it to realize the precise stop limit of the stop rod.

During the loading process of the decoiler, when it is necessary to use coils of different sizes and specifications, first use the operating handle to control the stop rods of the two stop arms to rise upwards. Then use a forklift or a crane to place the coil material on the expansion and contraction reel of the decoiler to achieve tension. Finally, lower the gear lever and rotate the handwheel to move the gear lever radially to the desired position. In this way, the radial limit of the material roll is simply and quickly completed.

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