It is very important to choose a decoiler machine that suits your production needs, so you should choose the optional functions of the appropriate decoiler machine according to your production needs. Next, I will introduce you the optional functions of the decoiler machine.

1. Frequency control configuration

The decoiler machine can be adjusted freely according to the demand, which increases the stability of the uncoiler, makes the tape discharge more stable, and reduces jitter.

2. Cylinder pressing arm device

The cylinder pressing arm is to press the outer ring of the material to avoid the problem of bulk material when the coil is uncoiled. Usually, the customer can use it when the thickness of the material exceeds 2mm.

3. Adjustment of inner and outer diameters

The inner diameter of the international coil is 508mm and the outer diameter is 1200mm.

The inner diameter range is 450-530mm, and the maximum outer diameter is 1200mm. If it is not in this range, it needs to be customized.

4. Hydraulic expansion device

Also known as hydraulic expansion device, it is installed on the decoiler to replace the standard manual expansion device to ensure that the decoiler can be fully stretched and at the same time reduce the labor intensity of manual expansion. Usually, when the weight of the coil is 3 tons, it can be recommended to customers.

5. Hydraulic loading trolley

It is recommended for customers to use when the weight of the coil exceeds 3 tons or the material is very wide.

6. Photoelectric induction device or proximity switch induction device

Used to replace standard touch sensor rods for unwinding non-conductive or film-coated materials. (If the customer is this material, this configuration needs to be adopted)