Uncoiling of light-duty coils and recoiling of waste materials, suitable for material thickness: 0-1.0mm, 0-2.0 mm uncoiling (recoiling) of light-duty coils.

The decoiler adopts the worm gear reducer directly connected with the motor, and the output is a coupling structure. Moreover, the decoiler has a large gear ratio, stable operation, simple structure, low failure rate, a simple structure of the material supporting device, and a large adjustable range.
It is suitable for feeding metal or non-metal plate stamping materials and recoiling waste materials, suitable for various hardware factories and electronic parts processing factories.

Detailed introduction of decoiler:
1. The light decoiler is suitable for automatic feeding of metal and non-metal thin plate (within 1.0mm) coil material and recoiling of waste material. It has the advantages of small footprint, easy installation and debugging, large reduction ratio, stable operation, simple and convenient maintenance, and low failure rate. It is the best choice for light stamping automatic production line.
2. The structure is exquisite, and the vertical feeding method is adopted, which reduces the occupancy of the plane position, the reduction ratio is large, and the operation is stable.
3. The winding drum is composed of several struts. The lower ends of these struts can realize radial contraction, the failure rate is low, and the loading is convenient.
4. It adopts vertical rod support, worm gear deceleration, direct connection of motor, and coupling output structure.
5. The supporting device has a simple structure and a large adjustable range.
6. Induction mode: vertical induction bracket, 24V induction current control.
7. Micro switch control can be selected, which can be used for waste collection.

Of course, this is just the simplest decoiler. There are many types of decoilers, here is an article: Uncoiler Machine – All questions about uncoilers/decoilers are here.
The types of decoilers are introduced in detail, and interested customers can check them out.

light decoiler