Leveler machine is a kind of equipment specially used for unevenness of metal sheet, through the upper and lower rolls of a certain thickness of the strip or plate extrusion, so as to achieve a smooth effect.

1/ The leveler machine can be divided into two major categories:

  1. leveler machine production line: used for leveler metal plate after the fixed length cutting, belongs to metallurgical equipment production line matching equipment.
  2. single machine leveler machine: generally suitable for sheet metal leveling and the stamping process.

2/ Leveler machine performance:

  1. the grinding wheel is made of solid bearing steel. After high frequency heat treatment, it is grinded and hard chrome plated. After being corrected by this machine, it is smooth and smooth without indentation, without damaging the material surface.
  2. it can be used alone, and it can also be used in conjunction with MT and MTD automatic feeding frame, and the effect is better.
  3. large cylinder material is used to correct the adjustment, synchronous worm and worm adjustment are adopted. The handle rotates one circle to correct the upper wheel only down 1mm, and fine adjustment can be made.
  4. high rigid mechanical structure, large horsepower output. It can provide high-speed and stable feeding, improve production efficiency and extend the service life of equipment.

3/ Photo Gallery of TL Leveler