At present, in stamping, shearing, laser cutting, and roll forming, the yield point stress of commonly used cold-rolled sheets, pickled sheets, aluminum sheets, and galvanized sheets is not high. Therefore, using the uncoiler to install optional devices can achieve a good uncoiling effect. If the material roll is heavy, install hydraulic expansion. If the thickness of the material is large (over 2mm), a pneumatic pressing arm is installed. When the material roll is very wide, install the upper stop arm device. For these reasons, the uncoiler is also loved by more and more customers.

However, with the continuous expansion of the scope of application in the field of automation, many high-strength plate and high-tensile thick plate materials are also used in automated production lines for processing. At this time, if the uncoiling equipment still uses the commonly used standard uncoiler, there will be obvious problems. The yield strength of this type of coil is high, and after the coil strap is untied, only pressing through the upper pressing arm is not enough to solve the problem of coil loosening. The lower part of the coil material will still spread out quickly, which will not only cause multiple frictions between the coil material and the ground, but also scratch the surface of the coil material. It will also affect the overall uncoiling process, and it is easy to cause safety accidents and cause injuries.

Such high-strength plates and high-tensile thick plates require the use of high-tensile thick plate uncoilers. The high-tensile thick plate uncoiler is a special custom-made model, which is a proprietary model developed and designed by Henli for coils with excessive yield strength and tensile strength. It is equipped with two expansion and contraction devices and a supporting device at the foot of the uncoiler. When the material roll is uncoiling, the supporting device can cooperate with the upper pressing device to always press the material roll, which fundamentally avoids the occurrence of material roll loosening.

The supporting device of the high-tensile thick plate uncoiler is composed of a supporting bracket connected to the base (installed through bearings), a pneumatic supporting driving device and a supporting wheel installed on the supporting bracket. The supporting support is provided with a stable driving force by the pneumatic supporting device, so that the supporting support moves along the radial direction of the expanding and shrinking reel, and provides a stable and reliable supporting force for the material roll. Ensure that the decoiling process of high tension sheet material coils is always stable and reliable.

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