The hydraulic uncoiler is the most widely applicable uncoiling equipment because of its pressure arm, hydraulic expansion, butterfly brake device, etc. The maximum applicable material width can reach 2000mm, and the applicable material weight can reach 20T, which is far beyond the reach of other types of uncoilers.

At present, according to our understanding, the hydraulic uncoilers above 1300mm in the stamping market are insufficient in actual use. The main surface is that when the width of the coil is too large, the end of the hydraulic uncoiler will sink, resulting in abnormal swing. The occurrence of this phenomenon will bring two very serious hazards:
1. When the stamping production line is running, the sinking of the end will cause the roll to slip, which will directly affect the centering of the material and cause a large amount of bulk material on the roll, which will affect the use of production.
2. The sinking of the end may easily cause the three shafts of the reducer of the hydraulic uncoiler to be bent or broken, resulting in serious safety accidents and scrapped coils.

In order to fundamentally solve the problem, when Henli designs and manufactures hydraulic uncoilers with a width of 1300mm and above, a support device for the end of the main shaft is added, which can provide good and reliable support for the end of the main shaft. It eliminates the fluctuation and sinking of the main shaft end, and fundamentally solves the problems of coil slippage, centering change, and damage to the reducer during uncoiling. It really ensures the reliable operation of the hydraulic uncoiler when uncoiling large coils.

The main shaft end support device of the 1300mm hydraulic decoiler designed by Henli is composed of a machine body, two support rods, a guide cover, a support head seat, and a worm gear adjustment device. Among them, the spherical groove is processed on the support head seat, so that it just withstands the end of the main shaft of the material rack. At the same time, the adjustment of the worm gear device by the hand wheel can change the support strength conveniently and labor-saving, and has the advantages of compact structure, strong rigidity, stable and reliable support, etc.

hydraulic uncoiler