If you are in the business of high-speed stamping production, you know that traditional horizontal decoilers have limitations in load-bearing capacity and customization degree, making them unsuitable for modern demands. Fortunately, Henli has developed a new solution to meet the needs of modern high-speed stamping production – the High-Speed Hydraulic Decoiler.

Advantages of the High-Speed Hydraulic Decoiler

The High-Speed Hydraulic Decoiler is an innovation based on the traditional hydraulic decoiler with several advantages, making it an outstanding high-speed uncoiling equipment in terms of performance. This new decoiler can uncoil thin, medium, and thick plates, and it can achieve a remarkable uncoiling speed of up to 30m/min. Moreover, it has a high customization degree, allowing you to customize load-bearing capacity and material coil inner and outer diameters.

Improvements Over Traditional Decoilers

The High-Speed Hydraulic Decoiler has a revamped appearance and structure, with the significant changes in the expanding and shrinking mechanism and the addition of a crank locking device, eliminating the sliding sleeve with an oblique wedge surface.

How it Works

The central pull rod of the High-Speed Hydraulic Decoiler drives the fan-shaped material support plate to slide along the oblique wedge surface under the action of top pressure of the spring. The crank locking device maintains the expansion state of the coil, and the range of coil expansion and contraction can reach about twice that of a single expanding and shrinking roller. With the use of a double expanding and shrinking structure, the large gap between the fan-shaped material support plates makes it easy to put the collapsed coil with the coil sleeve on the coil. The elastic deformation of the material during uncoiling is uniform and less unstable, which fundamentally solves the problem of large rotating resistance and difficult material discharge of hydraulic decoilers during high-speed uncoiling, ensuring the stability and reliability of high-speed uncoiling performance.


Henli’s High-Speed Hydraulic Decoiler is the perfect solution for modern high-speed stamping production. It provides a high load-bearing capacity, wide application range, high customization degree, and high-speed uncoiling performance, making it a superior choice over traditional horizontal decoilers. Upgrade your production equipment today with Henli’s High-Speed Hydraulic Decoiler for improved efficiency and productivity.

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