The metal sheet slitting line is mainly used for strip cutting of galvanized sheet, silicon steel sheet, cold rolled strip steel, stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet, steel sheet and the like. The metal coil is cut into strips of various widths, and the strips are collected into small rolls for use in the next process. It is mainly used for sheet metal products such as metallurgy, vehicles, metal products, electrical and electrical equipment, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, etc. Enterprises as raw materials, as well as metal materials storage, sheet distribution and other circulation industries, supporting related molding machine tools can be extended to a wider range of functions. The whole slitting line adopts PLC centralized controller, and the man-machine interface displays, the degree of automation is high, and the operation is simple and reliable.

The metal sheet slitting line, composed of uncoils, feeding, slitter and other equipments, is a production line of uncoiling, slitting and coiling slit steel strips. This kind of production line is able to cut the wide steel coil into narrow steel coils of certain dimension in the direction of length. This steel coil will be an input preparation for those processes, such as steel strip rolling, ERW pipe welding, cold bending and profiles forming, steel plate punching. All kinds of metal strips can be cut by cutting tools (disc knives) of different materials.

The main function of this of this metal steel coil slitting line apply to cut the width of coils into smaller coils, and any thickness is available.

Features of Steel Coil Slitting Line:

  1. After slitting, the strips need coiling on the recoiling mandrel.
  2. Commonly, the D.C. drives are used on slitter and coiler, and uncoiling is passive with brake, so that the different mandrel speeds are retained in the same speed Therefore, the line speed is attained too.
  3. For faster speeds and thinner strips a loop pit is provided for installation before recoiling with tensioner equipment, another pit loop is after uncoiling and before slitting.
  4. PLC and HMI make the whole slitting line work in automatic mode at high speed.
  5. tensioner unit has hydraulic wool pads style and hydraulic air hose style to choose.
  6. recoiling mandrel can be segments of clearances or seamless segments for different metal strips coiling.
  7. Any different specification is available, as we can offer a comprehensive range of metal coil slitting proposals, We design and produce products in accordance with customers needs.