In the dynamic realm of the stamping industry, the diverse spectrum of products inevitably leads to varied stamping requirements. However, when it comes to integrating automation equipment, standard peripherals like feeders and leveling machines often prove inadequate in meeting the practical production needs of clients. In these scenarios, customization becomes imperative, focusing on tailored solutions that align seamlessly with the client’s specific requirements. This involves making extensive modifications to the machinery to ensure optimal performance and fulfillment of the clientele’s production demands.

Tailored Solutions for Seamless Production Lines

Recently, we encountered a client seeking to establish a comprehensive production line comprising a press, an NC servo feeder, and a forming machine. The client’s primary goals were centered around cost savings and labor reduction, with a key requirement for the production line to enable seamless control, allowing a single operator to oversee the entire process. In response to this practical demand, we innovatively devised a solution by introducing sensing frames between the press and press, and press and forming machine.

Press Speed Control Revolutionized

To achieve seamless control, we implemented sensing frames divided into upper and lower limits. These frames play a crucial role in controlling the press speed, ensuring a smooth and efficient production process. The press undergoes variable speed adjustments, slowing down upon material contact with the lower limit sensor, operating at a normal speed when the material is between the upper and lower limits, and accelerating when the material contacts the upper limit sensor. This innovative cycle eliminates the need for frequent automatic halting and starting during practical usage.

Interconnection for Enhanced Control

To further enhance control, a master control console governs the interconnection between the press and forming machine. This console provides functionalities such as emergency stop, reset, and start functions for the press. It also offers the capability to execute individual and collective machine halts, eliminating the need for separate control of the NC servo feeder.

NC Servo Feeder: Meeting Client Specifications

Our enhancements to the NC servo feeder ensure optimal performance aligned with client specifications. The feeder inherently supports multi-stage feeding, featuring a memory capacity of 20 programmed sets and adjustable feeding frequencies. To cater to specific client needs, three sets of output controls have been implemented. These controls efficiently manage electromagnetic valves, facilitating rapid mold transitions without adversely affecting press operations.

Press Speed Variation Management

In addressing press speed variation, three sensors are strategically employed in conjunction with the press in-feed. These sensors regulate the press speed based on material descent within the sensor range. This meticulous process requires coordination with the press inverter, where details of the press inverter model and manual are crucial.

Streamlined Online Connectivity

Achieving optimal connectivity, the two feeders and forming machine are seamlessly linked. The NC servo feeder control panel enables individual start and stop commands, effectively managing the respective press halts. The online control panel further facilitates individual start and stop commands for each machine or collective control, offering a streamlined process with a single button controlling the halt of all machines.

Conclusion: Feasible Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency

In conclusion, the proposed solution for achieving interconnected control in stamping production lines is not only innovative but entirely feasible. The actual expenditure for implementing this advanced system is modest, requiring only sensing frames, sensing rods (CR sensing rods), intermediate relays, wiring, and other necessary accessories to complete the setup. This customized approach ensures optimal efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and a seamless production experience tailored to the unique requirements of the stamping industry.

nc servo feeder
nc servo feeder