1.Installation points of hydraulic uncoiler with coil car:

The installation of this hydraulic uncoiler is relatively easy, and the cement floor of the general workshop can be used, and it only needs to be fixed with expansion screws during installation. If the hydraulic uncoiler is coated with anti-rust oil, be sure to remove it and add lubricating oil to the refueling part.

2. Precautions for hydraulic uncoiler with coil car:

2.1. The hydraulic uncoiler must be grounded to avoid electric shock events and circuit interference.

2.2. The center line of the hydraulic uncoiler and the center line of the punch must be the same straight line.

2.3. Operate the oil pressure to expand, the material can be put into the uncoiling part when the pressure is released, and the material will be tensioned when the pressure is expanded.

3. Operation process of hydraulic uncoiler with coil car:

3.1. Put the material on the coil car, and open the two support arms at the same time, so that it does not affect the feeding.

3.2. Start the coil car loaded with materials and stop when the material is close to the uncoiling spindle. After stabilization, raise the table top of the coil car to raise the material to the center, and stop moving when it is at the same height as the center of the uncoiling spindle. At the same time, the hydraulic expansion press is released, so that the coil car continues to move forward. When the axial center plane of the blocking material coincides with the scale on the support plate, stop moving forward, close the two support arms at the same time, and then lower the coil car to return to the original position.

3.3. After the material is placed, when it is expanded and tightened by oil pressure, the material is tensioned.

4. Maintenance and inspection of hydraulic uncoiler with coil car:

4.1. Regular inspection
During the use period, inspection and maintenance should be carried out every 6 months or 1000 hours of use.

4.2. Precautions for the use of hydraulic oil and lubricating oil

4.2. 1.The hydraulic workstation of the hydraulic uncoiler uses HL32# hydraulic oil, which is replaced every six months
4.2. 2.The reducer uses 20# gear oil, which should be replaced every 3 months
4.2. 3.The gear chain uses calcium-based grease, which should be replaced every 3 months
4.2. 4.The coil car and lubrication use HL32# hydraulic oil.

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