In this article, Henli will tell you about some things that should be paid attention to in the installation and use of the decoiler machine:

1. The centerline of the decoiler machine (that is, the center of the blade length) must be on the same centerline as the die or press punch machine or shear machine.

2. The input current of the decoiler machine is three-phase 380V (420v/220v) alternating current.

3. The control voltage in the electrical box is single-phase 220V alternating current (provided by the transformer in the machine).

4. The induced voltage is 12V DC (provided by the transformer inside the machine).

5. The length of the induction time directly affects the operation and service life of the material rack. The length of the induction time is based on the principle that the average speed of the material rack can keep up with the punch and the motor is not started too frequently. The factory setting is generally 3 seconds.

6. The distance between the decoiler and the coil straightener machine is generally about 3000mm, which is determined according to the characteristics of the material.

7. Be sure to know the specifications of the decoiler machine before using the material rack, and do not overload the uncoiler.

8. Be sure to add butter where there is a grease nipple.

9. Always check that one of the fasteners on the decoiler machine is loose.