In the domestic market, HENLI generally provides installation services for customers.

For overseas markets, first of all we provide equipment operation manuals and installation videos. If customers have special requirements, we can send our engineers to the customers factory to assist in installation and debugging. Generally, the entire production line and large machinery (3 in 1 Servo Feeder ) are the most popular.

Last Friday, two of our engineers arrived at the customer’s factory  for a three-day installation of equipment in Shandong Qingdao. The customer ordered a three-in-one decoiler leveller servo feeder NCHL-1000B and a set of automatic coil handling production line (Uncoiler:MT-500+Coil straightener:BTL-500B+Servo feeder :NC-500B) on September 9.

The delivery period signed with the customer was 45 days. In fact, we only took  40 days to complete the manufacturing and debugging of the equipment. The goods were delivered on October 20th and the goods arrived at the customer’s factory, our engineers also arrived at the site on time. Coupled with the active cooperation of the workers in the customer’s workshop, all the work went smoothly. In 3 days, we completed the installation of the equipment, trial production and  training for the workers in customer site.

In short, the installation process is not complicated. First, our design engineers will provide a production line layout, and the customer will place the equipment according to the data on the production line layout. Second, electrician connect according to the circuit diagram and hydraulic circuit diagram shipped with the goods. Third, repeatedly check whether the wiring is correct. Double check everything and then start to operate the machine, loading  materials for trial production. If the produced product meets the quality requirements, then fixed the equipemnt. If the quality of the finished product is not up to standard, fine-tune the equipment.

Here share some machine photos provided by customer: