Yesterday was an amazing day. Why would I say that? It was our first time that 10 male customers from Malaysia had come to our factory for inspection of small uncoiler straightener feeding line and study our other machines. My colleague and I were shocked when seeing they got off the cars ha-ha.

First they went to the workshop to do inspection of one of the customer’s orders uncoiler straightener feeding line. Actually, there is one dealer and one buyer, the rest are different buyers from different companies. The dealer is a distributor of SEYI press, he brought the buyer and another 9 customers to visit our factory and introduced to us, what a kind partner he is! Sharing some photos when they studied our machines at the workshop and got to know our company in the meeting room:

Malaysia Customers Was Learning About Henli Machinery with Our Sales Guiding


Chatting Is Hosted At Henli Machinery Conference Meeting Room

One customer of them also brought some material samples to show us if we have straightener can straighten those kinds of net materials. Our standard straightener can’t do it, but our four-hi leveler can realize it and guarantee its straightening accuracy. Our engineer who specializes in this, was introducing and explaining suitable technical proposal for the customer. Regarding uncoiler straightener feeding line, we can deal with more than coil and sheet.

In the field of high-end large-scale 3 in 1 uncoiler straightener feeding line, the equipment speed can reach up to 0-30m/min, the thickness of the sheet is 1-15mm, and the width is 1-2000mm. Feeding accuracy is ±0.15mm/m. In the field of large blanking production line, it can handle metal coil thickness 0.15mm-30mm, width 300mm-4000mm, cross shear line speed: 0-100m/min, slitting line speed: 0-180m/min, with many powerful functions. The robot and the intelligent detection system can realize the automatic and uninterrupted and efficient production of the whole plant. So what we can offer is other competitor can’t give.

If you want to see how this small uncoiler straightener feeding line works, you can see the below youtube link of inspection. Just one more shearing machine: