In November, I sold two sets of automatic earloop welding machine, one is to India, one is to North Macedonia. Indian customer’s machine has arrived last Saturday, December 12, 2020 and started production this week. While my other customer’s machine hasn’t arrived, just soon, will be next week. Now sharing some information feedback from my Indian customer. Machine is working well at their workshop.

Before they bought our automatic earloop welding machine, they already had a mask body printing machine and a double-sided earloop welding machine. See below photos:

This combination is quite slow, as only one set of double-sided earloop welding machine can’t catch up the speed of their automatic earloop welding machine. It needs more earloop welding machines and workforce to do it. But its combined speed is still slow, only can reach 30-40pcs/min. So customer found me and ask for automatic earloop welding machine. Since they don’t have much budget, I recommended them the economic simple type one. Its ultrasonic is easy to connected and machine is controlled by PLC. If don’t want to put maks body piece by piece by manual, just need to add a little extra cost to add a mask body feeder, which is more convenient. Here is the YouTube video link of their present production:

Its machine and package photo of automatic earloop welding machine:

Our advised speed is 50pcs/min, max can reach 60pcs/min. More surprised is that customer thought our speed is too fast, need to adjust slower haha. They are quite satisfied with this advanced but economic automatic earloop welding machine and took below photo for me:

Now this Indian customer became my after-sales agent in India. If you have any interest or questions, please feel free to contact me on Whatsapp & Wechat: +8618617273417. Email: