What will be the luckest and happiest thing for a sales? I think maybe orders from customers, compliment from leaders, salary rising and so on. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the trust from our customers. Like customers chose you in many suppliers and placed orders to you like our Indian customer as below:

This Indian customer is from Gujarat, who came to China alone from India to see and choose factories of supplier of his needs: NC servo roll feeder 1 set, high speed mechanical roller feeder 3 sets and 2 in 1 uncoiling and straightening machine 2 sets. And he checked our machines with our catalogues so carefully, which impressed us deeply. He checked every parameters of servo feeder and roller feeder. Also needed to see real accessories for feeders in our workshop. We showed all he wanted to see and explained every accessories to him and he was quite satisfied with our feeders.

And there were 4 sets of NC servo roll feeder, 4 sets of uncoiler and 2 sets of straightener order from our Dubai, UAE client in our workshop already. They were made according to our exported machine standard. And customer could check them directly.

After we checked all the machines, we went back to meeting room to discuss about this purchasing item. We had Chinese tea and we talked so much. Finally we made a deal and customer placed the order to us.

What will be the No. 1 luckest and happiest thing for a sales? I think it is getting second order from our old customer! Because you got approval and satisfaction from your customer based on your professionalism, your service, your product and your company. That kind of feeling can’t be described by letters and compared to money. This Indian client placed second order to us also high speed mechanical roller feeder and 2 in 1 uncoiling and straightening machine after his second visit to our factory.

Each time we have a talk with our customer just like chatting with our friends, feeling really comfortable. We are so glad to make more friends (customers) in different countries!