The hydraulic uncoiler revolutionizes the traditional manual expansion method with its efficient hydraulic expansion technique. This advanced model outperforms standard decoilers by offering faster and more effortless expansion through the hydraulic station, coupled with a highly stable unwinding process controlled by the inverter. Primarily designed for unwinding and releasing large and heavy coil materials, the hydraulic uncoiler caters to specific processing and production needs of customers with its range of optional devices.

1. Pneumatic Material Pressing Arm: Enhancing Automatic Unwinding

The pneumatic material pressing arm is a valuable addition to the hydraulic uncoiler as it prevents coil material scattering and assists in the automatic unwinding process. This device is hinged on the hydraulic uncoiler’s frame and rotates around the hinge point driven by a pneumatic cylinder. Equipped with a gear-reduced motor, the front end of the material pressing arm features a material pressing wheel. Through the action of the pneumatic cylinder, the material pressing wheel is pressed against the outer surface of the coil material wound on the decoiler’s expanding and contracting drum. The gear-reduced motor drives the material pressing wheel, aiding in the feeding process by providing traction, thus achieving seamless automatic feeding.

2. Pneumatic Disc Brake Device: Ensuring Secure Braking

The pneumatic disc brake device works in conjunction with the hydraulic uncoiler’s expanding and contracting drum to prevent coil material scattering caused by rotational inertia during braking. This safety feature ensures a controlled and secure unwinding process.

3. Material Blocking Device: Precise Positioning and Fixing

The material blocking device offers a superior alternative to type-A irons for precise positioning and fixing of the coil material. Comprising an avoiding pneumatic cylinder fixed on the decoiler frame and two material blocking rollers hinged to the frame, the device allows adjustment of the unwinding width. The unwinding width can be easily controlled by turning the screw between the two material blocking rollers. During operation, the avoiding pneumatic cylinder lifts the material blocking rollers, enabling smooth loading and unloading of the material.

4. Material Supporting Device: Simplifying Material Handling

The material supporting device is an indispensable optional add-on, designed to simplify the loading and unloading of materials on the decoiler and assist in the subsequent feeding process. The hydraulic material supporting arm, hinged on the decoiler frame, is driven to rotate around the hinge point by a hydraulic cylinder. With its curved surface and guide wheel structure, the material supporting arm eases the loading of coil material into the expanding and contracting drum of the decoiler. This feature streamlines the material handling process and ensures efficient loading.

5. Material Arc Photoelectric Control Device: Achieving Full Automation

Replacing the traditional induction frame, the material arc photoelectric control device ensures both material surface protection and complete automation of speed control for the hydraulic uncoiler. This cutting-edge device consists of a set (or two sets) of through-beam photoelectric sensors responsible for material arc control. When the outer arc surface of the coil material enters the photoelectric range, the decoiler automatically stops. Using two sets of through-beam photoelectric sensors not only enables starting and stopping control but also facilitates full automation of speed control, enhancing operational efficiency.

In conclusion, the hydraulic uncoiler stands as a remarkable innovation that optimizes the unwinding process for large and heavy coil materials. Its advanced features, including the pneumatic material pressing arm, pneumatic disc brake device, material blocking device, material supporting device, and material arc photoelectric control device, ensure seamless and secure operations. By incorporating these optional devices, manufacturers can customize the hydraulic uncoiler to meet their specific processing and production requirements, ultimately boosting productivity and enhancing overall efficiency.

Hydraulic Uncoiler
Hydraulic Uncoiler