Henli base on years of stamping coil handling solution invented a 4 axis pick and place robot arm for human replacing;To knowing the payload and the work radius is something that we decide if the project feasible, however, this 4 axis pick and place robot could take product up to 4 kg and reach 1000mm, and it also customize, By using servo motor to reach the repeat positioning accuracy ±0.2mm, J1 axis the highest lifting reach speed:0.7m/s; j2 rotation reach 225°.

Main features:

  1. Movement axis for four axis, use the full servo control, the entire range is adjustable;
  2. The control system adopts special motion control system, smooth delivery, transfer of high precision;
  3. The friendly man-machine interface, humanized design, using a Handel terminal operation, integrating design and operation;
  4. Adopted high precision linear guide, suitable for long running under the harsh environment, has the high degree of protection;
  5. Can be made of more than one subject (4 or 5 axis stamping pick and place robot) connection of more than one punch stamping wires, high efficiency, the advantages of high precision and high safety;
  6. Sharply raised production efficiency, improve product percent of pass and size agree;
  7. A fault alarm, maintenance simple and easy to understand.

In comparison to the 6 axis industrial pick and place robot arm, it cheap and also work well.