As everyone and every country must have known the Novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) happened in Wuhan city, Hubei province, China at the end of December, 2019. This big event has been making huge influence in China also many countries around the world. People can bring virus so where has Chinese’s NCP patient, where may spread this virus if the patients didn’t get proper self-protection. Everyone doesn’t want to see this happen because this influenced all areas also our automation industry factories and supply chain.

Supply chain analysis provider TrendForce released a report assessing the impact of a coronavirus outbreak on technology and manufacturing. Coronavirus has caused significant damage to the entire technology industry, international trade shows have been cancelled, and companies such as Apple have cut their performance expectations. Means many foundries for Apple products in China have cut their production also. China government prohibited factories and companies open to work before Middle of February, 2020. What does it mean to our automation factories? Means workers can’t go to work so that they don’t have income; Means factory owners still need to pay factory rent without getting orders and manufacturing. Orders from foreign companies car companies in China was cut largely, which made us lose many orders.

There are already signs of spillovers from the epidemic. One is that some overseas importers are delaying or canceling the import of goods from China because of concerns about the epidemic; the second is that Chinese automation industry manufacturers are unable to resume work in a timely manner, which has an impact on the export of goods and the supply chain. Some cases such as South Korea’s Hyundai Motor have partially discontinued production due to supply cuts in China.

Our automation factory is also one of them. Our decoiler, straightener and feeders are mostly for auto parts products and home appliance products making. Here’s a YouTube link of our 3 in 1 NC straightening feeder which is making auto parts, then you will know what our automation factory makes:

But fortunatetly, our old customers also new customers didn’t regard us as virus spreader, all asked if we’re fine first. Our automation factory also got two orders of 3 in 1 NC straightening feeder from Thailand and Vietnam. Please see the below photos of semi-products:

I believe this NCP situation is getting much better now and automation factories will restore normal production and increase exports!