The 3 in 1 press feed line is used as follows:

1. Power on the 3 in 1 press feed line, and adjust the three-point combined air pressure of the equipment to 0.5MPa.

2. Operate on the touch screen and handle to load the uncoiler part:

a. On the touch screen of the three-in-one feeder, select the manual operation mode.

b. Raise the pressing arm, lower the supporting arm, shrink the material frame to expand and shrink the reel, and raise the outer stopper arm.

c. Adjust the position of the inner stopper arm according to the width of the material. After the adjustment, the center of the material must be on the same line as the center line of the leveling feeder head.

d. Use a hoist or a mobile loading trolley to move the coil material to the expansion and contraction drum of the uncoiler, just close to the inner stopper arm.

e. Expanding and shrinking the reel of the uncoiler.

f. Lower the pressing arm and press the outer ring of the coil.

g. Raise the support arm, adjust the position of the coil material head by operating the uncoiler forward and reverse, and cut the coil packaging tape at the appropriate position.

3. Leveling and feeding head for material feeding, setting and debugging operations.

4. Set the relevant parameters of feeding, and the operation can be automatically run after confirming that it is correct.