There are two main reasons for the scratches on the material of the press feed line:

1. Because the press feed line is not adjusted and set properly, the material feeding is dislocated and the material is scratched.

2. Due to the material itself, the coil material used is very thin and soft, and the material is easy to snake, which will also cause the material to be scratched.

In fact, according to past experience, the scratching of the material is not entirely the problem of the machine, but more often the problem of the processing material itself.

How to avoid the press feed line from scratching the material

1. Check whether the thickness adjustment of the material of the press feed line is correct. If it is not correct, it needs to be adjusted in time.

2. Check whether there are foreign objects (iron filings, sand grains, etc.) in the barrel of the press feed line, and whether it is clean and needs to be cleaned regularly.

3. If the material to be fed is very thin and soft, this kind of feeder replaces the packed PU plastic barrel, or converts it into the form of pulling material.

4. When the press feed line is transporting materials with special materials, such as aluminum, copper, etc., cover the movable splint and fixed splint of the feeder with a film.

The above are the causes of material scratches and related solutions. In order to avoid such problems, it is necessary to communicate with the manufacturer in time before purchasing the press feed line to avoid problems at the design source.