In the production process of steel coil uncoiler feeding, the uncoiler machine is fed through intermittent repeated movement. However, when the thickness of the material is thick and the elasticity is large, when using the standard uncoiler, the steel strip will be easy to loose and the working speed of the subsequent machine will be out of sync. This leads to the efficiency of the entire stamping line, and at the same time brings a safety hazard.

At this time, this problem can be solved by adding a pressing device to the original uncoiler, so that the reasons such as material bulk can be avoided.

The uncoiler equipped with the pressing arm adopts the pressing wheel and the induction rod to act on the steel belt at the same time to control the uncoiling and feeding of the material coil. The design is beautiful, the structure is reasonable and durable.
The pressing wheel is always pressed on the steel belt during the uncoiling and feeding process of the steel belt, which completely avoids the appearance of bulk material of the steel belt. The induction rod oscillates with the speed of the conveying of the steel belt. By cooperating with the control motor, the accumulative feeding of the steel belt is realized, the synchronization with the entire stamping production line is ensured, and the efficiency of the entire stamping production line is improved. Ultimately, the reliability and safety of the uncoiled feeding process are ensured.

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