Press feeder is a kind of auxiliary equipment for coil stamping automation. Its normal running is the base of high quality producing. As every other machineries, stamping press feeder will also go wrong or breakdown during long heavy works. One of the most common is scratching material surface. The problem may not only result mass defective products, but also damage stamping molds. Thus, production line should stop immediately when occurring.

1)   Scratching Defects Analysis

According to our rich experience from after-sales report, three most rated three problems listed below:

  •  Excessive Clamping Force

This problem especially happens when feeding thin or low strength material, like copper tape/ aluminum sheet, etc. Excessive clamping force impact on the material, and result debossed or embossed defect.

  •  Scraps Adhere to Rollers

If scraps (iron chips. oxide, material waste) adhere to rollers, scraps will stamp its shape to material when every rolling. Material surface will show discontinuous dot defects.

  •  Material Rubbing

If not any of above two problems, then problems may be not on stamping press feeder itself. Check product line along with feeding process carefully. Some objects on the line may touch the material and cause rubbing.

2) How to Solve Scratching

  • For Pneumatic Air Feeder

air feeder machine

Scraps damage: Stop feeder machine, check air feeder machine clamps plate, clean plate surface to ensure no chips or waste adhere on it.

Material is too thin to be damaged. For this situation, we need to add surface protecting film to all in-touch objects on air feeder.

  • For High Speed Roller Feeder

high roller feeder machine RFS

Adjusting isn’t matching material thickness and press spring tension force is too much. Stop roller feeder and check thickness setting, lower press spring tension force.

If there are scraps on the rollers’ surface, be sure to clean out.

  • For NC Servo Roller Feeder

NC servo roller feeder

Air cylinder output too much power, damages material surface. NC servo roller feeder need to change air cylinder output according to sheet thickness. Reduce cylinder output pressure when sheet is thin. If there are scraps on the rollers’ surface, be sure to clean out.

We introduces three most common problems resulting material surface scratching and how to solve it. But some situations may be complex that you cannot solve it easily, then you can find professional coil handling equipment manufacturer to help. Henli Machinery specializes in one stop coil handing solutions, we provide not only equipment, but also technic support. Welcome to contact us for any support. You can find our contact info below.