The NC servo feeder feeding incorrectly means material is deflected toward one side when feeding out. It will cause lots of problem in production, like feeding incorrectly, punching in a wrong direction with mold and so on. So we need to settle in time to avoid damage to the mold and production of low quality products.

There are two reasons for the NC servo feeder feeding incorrectly: One is that the feeding rollers are not in the same horizontal position; the second is that the material slipping during the feeding process.

  1. Feeding Rollers Are Not in the Same Horizontal Position

Based on first question,there are two ways:

Two feeding rollers takes place slab staggering in horizontal position. But we will debug before every NC Servo feeder leaves our factory, it can effectively avoid such situations. So this situation will hardly appear.

When feeding material, the feed rollers are not parallel in the vertical direction. The reason for this is usually due to the left and right pressure adjustment uneven of the material pressing spring in debugging process, and the weight of the one side is too light, the other side is too heavy, resulting in feeding incorrectly.

But it’s easy to solve this problem, only adjust both side pressure of material pressing spring all the same can be ok.

rollers used on nc servo feeder machine

  1. Material Slipping During the Feeding Process

For the second question,if feeding incorrectly is because of the material slipping during the feeding process,most of the reason is because the material is too thick cause that phenomenon. At this time ,it can be solved in three steps as following:

  1. Add to the pressure of the material pressing spring to ensure the material being compressed completely.When adjust the pressure of spring,it need to check the spring color is green or yellow,because the yellow one has a large spring compression ratio , but the small pressure.If you found that it’s installed the yellow spring,you can replace with green one. (Remark:it need to make sure the thickness of material within the suitable range for the machine)
  2. Check if only one instake pipe connected with the NC Servo Feeder,you can connect one more intake pipe to the solenoid valve to avoid material slipping .Though NC servo feeder also can realize relaxation function by connected with one intake pipe,but it need to connect one more intake pipe to the solenoid valve when the material is too thick so that the cylinder can bring pushing force. It can make the roller on the NC servo feeder is clamped tighter that prevent material from slipping.
  3. Material slipping also cause by coil material is too thick and overload and then occurred the problem of feeding inlet pull back.Under the premise of ensuring the speed of feeding,try the best to reduce materials storage area,cutting down the load of feeding inlet pull back to prevent material from slipping.
servo feeder machine at customer workshop

These are common problems in production. Any problems,please feel free to contact our after-sales team,we always reply within 12 hours.