In order to improve the efficiency of production, more and more manufacturers in various industries now use feeders for production. Now common in the market are:3 in 1 coil feeder line, 2 in 1 coil feeder machine, and NC servo feeder machine. There are hidden safety hazards in machinery and equipment. In order to ensure the safety of employees, how should we pay attention to safety when using the coil feeder machine?

To ensure the safety of employees, HENLI enumerates here three suggestions for safe use of the coil feeder machine:

1. The coil feeder machine is equipped with safety protection devices on the press stamping machine and molds or adopts hand tools with low labor intensity and convenient and flexible use.

2. The use of hand safety tools can avoid accidents caused by unreasonable mold design and sudden equipment failures. Common safety tools for coil feeder machine are: elastic clamps, special clamps, magnetic suction cups, tweezers, pliers, hooks, etc.

3. Take protective measures for the mold, including setting up a protective plate (cover) around the mold and improving the mold structure, such as reducing the dangerous area of the mold and expanding the safe space; setting up a mechanical discharge device, without affecting the strength of the mold and the premise of product quality , The original single-process molds with various manual feedings are improved to improve safety.