NC feeder is a feeding device with wide application range, high precision, easy operation, high production efficiency and low failure rate, it is suitable for various processing production equipment’s such as punching machine, shearing machine, hydraulic press and forming machine, According to the difference of relaxation way, it is divided into two categories: mechanical NC feeder and pneumatic NC feeder.

Although these two type NC feeders all use the same NC system (Mitsubishi PLC + Yukawa servo motor and driver’s good electronic control system),but there are great differences in relaxation way, overall structure and scope of application, therefore, I recommend that customers carefully understand the difference between these two types of NC feeders before actually purchasing them, and then purchase them again according to their own needs to ensure that the selected machines meet my own production needs.

The difference between the structure and relaxation principle of the mechanical NC feeder and the pneumatic NC feeder

For the mechanical NC feeder, its relaxation is achieved by a mechanical relaxation driving rod device, it’s the relaxation action is realized by the release stroke installed on the slider of the press and pressing the release bracket; and the pneumatic NC feeder it is realized by driving a pneumatic cylinder piston,This process requires the punching cam to send a signal to the solenoid valve, and the solenoid valve is used to control the cylinder movement.


Advantages of mechanical NC feeder and pneumatic NC feeder

Different structures and relaxation principles make them each have their own advantages and scope of application, the mechanical NC feeder’s mechanical rod is relaxed, easy to adjust, fast and free from external factors, it is very suitable to match traditional punching and short-step high-speed feeding. However, the disadvantage is that the installation equipment is limited and it usually only suit to match the punching machine to use; pneumatic NC feeder adopts cylinder, solenoid valve relaxation, punching machine, shearing machine, hydraulic press, forming machine and other processing and production equipment can be installed for a wider range of applications, but its relaxation stability, relaxation Convenient adjustment is not as good as mechanical (Susceptible to external interference),and it’s not suitable for high-speed stamping feeding occasions.

When we know these above, we can clearly know the difference of mechanical NC feeder and pneumatic NC feeder and according to our actual production need, we also know which of these two kind of NC feeder is more suitable for you.