Different machines will have different maintenance methods, and the length of the machine’s service life is inseparable from the correct maintenance methods. Similarly, if you want the coil feed line to have a long service life and less failures, it is necessary to do daily maintenance work. The coil feed line has different maintenance methods in different environments, so how to do the maintenance of the coil feed line in different plant environments?

1. If the coil feed line is used in a good environment, we should check the stamping and coil feed line regularly, and remember not to leave the feeder unused for a long time. In addition, we also prohibit placing the coil feed line in direct sunlight, because this will also damage the coil feed line. Therefore, no matter what the environment is, we should have a certain understanding of the maintenance common sense in different environments.

2. Because the coil feed line box uses electronic components, and the mechanical parts are steel, if it is used in harsh environments, whether it is electronic components or steel, dust and humid air will affect the service life of the equipment.
The treatment method is to keep the environment where the coil feed line is placed dry. If the coil feed line is not used, the feeder should be covered, and the coil feed line should be cleaned frequently to keep the machine in a dust-free state.

The above is about how to maintain the coil feed line in different plant environments. Whether it is a good environment or a harsh environment, it is necessary to regularly maintain the coil feed line.