Stampers might have a regular impression that servo roller feeder machine is no problems working with nc press machine, but not sure if it’s possible to make servo feeder working with mechanical stamping press machine. Here let me show you a brief introduction.

1)     Drilling screw holes on punch press machine

Locating 2 drilling points on your press machine output shaft. Be sure that one is at the shaft center, and another at its side. Then drilling the holes and make out screw thread. As below pictures:

mechanical cam of nc servo roll feeder

2)     Fixing signal cam support to output shaft

After you finish screw holes, fix these 2 long cam support bolts rod into the hole. If the rod is too long, you can cut it to the proper length to match your punch machine. Then attach sensor and its support plate onto cam support. As below pictures:

3)     Adjusting cam position to match punch stroke

When all above is done, servo feeder can has press machine stroke signal now. You may need to make adjustments several times to ensure servo feeder feeding and releasing at the correct time. Then finished connecting of nc feeder and punch press machine should be like below photos.

And we have complete installing tour of nc feeder with electronical cam on servo press machine for your reference.