Whether the installation of the feeder correctly affects the basis of the accuracy of the stamping product for the entire stamping production, we all know that the application of the feeder reduces the labor cost and improves the production efficiency for the punching press, and the feeder feeds the manual feeder. More stable and more accurate. Fully automatic production to avoid mechanical accidents NC servo roll feeders are commonly used at present. After purchasing the feeder, the manufacturer will arrange technicians to install and test the parts of the feeder with the feeders to be delivered to the customer or provide video and installation instructions for the customer to install. As a peripheral automation equipment manufacturer, Dongguan Henli Machinery shares the feeder installation as follows:

NC Servo Roll Feeder

2 NC Servo Roll Feeders with customized frame supports

  1. check the accessories required for the NC servo roll feeder installation to include the following accessories.
  • Feeder equipment main body
  • Feeder fixing plate, (for fixed body)
  • Screws for the feeder body mounting plate
  • Control the electric cabinet and relax the rod and other accessories
  1. according to the requirements of the punch position, as well as the needs of the manufacturer to process the fixed plate. Determine the installation position of the NC servo roll feeder. (According to customer requirements, it can be installed on the left or right side of the punch, depending on the actual situation and customer needs.)
  2. Third, the feeder installs the fixing plate, and the fixing plate which has been previously processed according to the size has the insert facing the punching table and is installed in the middle of the side of the punching machine, and is kept perpendicular and parallel with the table, and then the screw position is determined on the punching tapping. Screw)
  3. fix the NC servo roll feeder body with screws on the fixed plate. The key position on the fuselage is on the keyway on the fixed plate
  4. install the rod in the position of the loose rod of the installed feeder. The rod should be installed on the punch slider, and the tapping on the side of the slider can be fixed.
  5. install the feeder control and install the electrical cabinet at the designated location. The electrical cabinet is connected to an electrical grounding wire, etc.

Punch feeder, the feeder installation process needs to be combined with the actual needs of the customer and the site conditions to ensure that the equipment can be produced normally, so the above steps flow for your reference, Dongguan Hengli Machinery Servo roll feeder uses electronic control system to control the servo motor pair The precise conveying of the plate overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional feeder feeding precision, high feeding failure, and cumbersome feeding step adjustment, and is widely used.

Let me share you a feedback from my Indian customer, who installed and commissioned the NC roll feeder by his technicists after offering our operation manual and video. They praised highly about our machine quality.

feedback of nc servo roll feeder

favourable commonts feedback from our customer

It indicates that our NC servo roll feeder is easy to operate and study. Do not hesitate about the installation problem, go buy and ask me!

Attached Installing Guide Video: