Nowadays, more and more companies are purchasing servo leveling feeder to carry out automatic transmission on the press, but sometimes the quality of servo leveling feeder cannot be distinguished. Both old and new customers pay more attention to the appearance, performance and quality of the servo feeder and its core components, but neglect to check the quality and the information of servo feeder accessories. This approach is not scientific and rigorous, and often make customers purchase some inferior equipment. So, do we have a simple and effective way to test the servo leveling feeder? The following will introduce the importance of servo leveling feeder accessories.

Although the accessories are small and very insignificant, it has a great impact on the servo leveling feeder’s normal work and overall function, efficiency and service life. If the bearing, copper sheathing and roller were not installed properly, then will affect the accuracy of the whole machine, and cause profit loss to customers. At the same time, if the quality of accessories is not qualified, it will affect the normal operation of the machine. This will inevitably increase maintenance time and management costs of the servo leveling feeder, increasing unnecessary costs.

The customers cannot blindly choose when buying servo leveling feeder. They must ask the manufacturer to list the source of the parts, the processing technology, and check the appearance and function of the parts carefully. Consider a variety of factors to choose a product.

In conclusion, for customer, the most suitable and the best servo leveling feeder is that can achieve the lowest cost and the highest profit in the case of ensuring accuracy and speed.

As a professional punch peripheral equipment enterprise for 15 years, Henli always put the interests of the customer first, adhere to the customer as the center. The ISO quality management system is integrated into every link of servo leveling feeder manufacturing and we ensure to provide customers with the best quality and most reliable feeding equipment. And this is the primary reason why hengli servo leveling feeder can sell well.