servo feeder is one of the most popular coil feed machines in stamping industry, which has advantages like multi-function, easy to match, easy operating, and steady performance. Sometimes servo feeder may out of work for problems, either caused by improper operating or low maintain. I will show you a practical solution for one of the most common problems as follow.

1) Problem Description for Servo Feeder Breakdown

Stampers may have trouble: servo feeder will only feed one time but not continue feeding, when pressing down start-button in Auto-Work Mode. Then you may try to switch to manual-work mode, all functions like feed-in-step and feed-out-in-step just woks well. Below is the solution we recommend.

fix feed failure of servo feeder

2) Solution to solve servo feeder breakdown

  • Checking if stroke counter has reach your setting number. If yes, then be sure to zero your counter. Now you can restarting your servo feeder machine to see if go back to work. If not, follow next step.
  • If feed space for every step is fixed, check if variable feed mode has been setting. If yes, Clear rest setting data expecting for fist group.
  • If servo feeder is work with shear cutter and get action signals from cutter machine, check if shearing-delay is too short. Resetting if true.
  • If servo feeder is work with press machine, check if press machine’s output shaft works well. Fasten signal wire if yes.

If all steps above is failure, some complex problems may occurs, you can contact our professional after-sales team for support.