Considering the thick-plate servo feeder, the arc of the material between the feeding machine and the straightening machine will be very long. In addition, the raw material is very thick, which will cause the raw material to backward and cause a very large gravity.

During the operation of the shaft, the deviation of the material from the raw material caused the inaccurate feeding. These major defects have greatly affected the feeding error of the user during the stamping process. This is the situation I received when the customer asked for an inquiry.

In order to help customers solve those existing problems, our team of engineers provided some suggestions, such as installing a wave connector at the joint between the loose cylinder of the power unit and the provided plate, which changed from the previous rigidity fixed connection to The movable flexible connection can enhance the original mechanical performance of the feeder,.The connection is more stable to prevent jamming or non-parallel due to non-vertical, which eventually leads to inaccurate feeding.

Another point is to install two additional feed rollers at the feed port of the automatic feeder to prevent backwards. This non-return clip rollers can only be rotated forward and cannot be rotated backwards.

On one side of the upper non-return clip roller, the relevant door closing handle is equipped. When the material is being loaded, the door can be pressed and the upper non-return clip roller is lifted up to facilitate discharging.

During normal operation, the upper and lower sides are fed with non-return clip rollers to hold the raw materials, so that the raw materials can only run forward, not backwards.

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