hen using the NC servo feeder, right operation, troubleshooting and maintenance are essential to ensure stamping accuracy, stability and product quality, compared with other company air feeders and roller feeders, our NC servo feeder is easier to operate, and it can be set on the touch screen. Therefore, the treatment of basic faults becomes the core of use.

The common fault of the NC servo feeder is the feeding error, I will explain in detail the reasons for its emergence and the targeted handling methods:

  • Feeding error caused by insufficient feeding time of NC servo feeder, usually, because the press machine speed is fast, the feeding time isn’t enough or the feeding speed is slow, which can’t keep up, causing the NC servo feeder to feed insufficiently.

  • Solution: the NC servo feeder adjusts the feeding angle (usually using the electronic cam setting or mechanical cam adjustment) to increase the feeding angle and increase the feeding time ASAP, to speed up the feeding until it keeps up with the press machine speed.

  • Wrong relaxation time of NC servo feeder will cause feeding error.

  • Solution: Check if the relaxation time of NC servo feeder is correct (the needle tip is fully inserted into the positioning hole to start to relax, and the needle tip is clamped before leaving the positioning hole, owing to the cylinder reaction is slow, it can be clamped in advance, there is an instant relax and you can adjust it correctly.

  • The mold blocking or pulling material are used with the punching machine, the material doesn’t move smoothly in the mold, or the material will be carried when the upper mold leaves.

  • Solution: remove and repair the mold until the material moves smoothly in the mold and does not take away the material when the mold is separated.

  • The material is easily deformed, and the narrow material or soft material is easily deformed during the feeding process of NC servo feeder, which causes the feeding to be inaccurate.

  • Solution: to remove the air tube under the cylinder of the NC servo feeder, to relax the compression spring and solve it.

  • Material slip caused by feeding error. Usually, the material of the buffer behind the NC servo feeder is too heavy, or buffer material jitter is too large, or the speed of the decoiler leveler behind the servo feeder can’t keep up, which causes material pulling phenomenon.

  • Solution: Reduce the punching machine speed, to make the bracket to hold up the buffer material, to avoid excessive jitter, speed up the decoiler and leveling machine to match the feeding speed of the punching machine.

  • Electromagnetic field interference, there is a large electromagnetic field interference near the NC servo feeder, which will cause the feeding time of servo feeder is sometimes long, sometimes short.

  • Solution: Remove the magnetic field interference and properly ground the ground wire.

  • The material width, narrow is different, the different of width and narrow will cause the mold jam to cause the feeding to be inaccurate.

  • Solution: to replace the material of qualified quality.

  • Feeding error caused by mechanical reasons: the fixing screw of the feeder is loose, there are impurities on the gear and sundries on the roller, the position of the roller bearing is seriously worn, and the rotating part of the machine is seriously worn.

  • Solution: to fix the feeder again and clean the gear and feed roller, if the machine is seriously worn for a long time, please call me, I can arrange our company’s mechanical engineering technician to repair for you.

So when you saw these methods above,you meet the problem of feeding error of NC servo feeder in the future,you also know how to eliminate the feeding error.