Does the Coil Feed Line need to be lubricated? The answer is yes.
Lubrication is the basis for ensuring the good performance of stamping equipment, which is directly related to the service life of the coil feed line. The lubrication of the three-in-one feeder is different from that of the traditional roller feeder, which can be lubricated by adding butter regularly. Because the structure of the coil feed line is relatively complex, the lubrication of the coil feed line should be done from the following aspects.

1. Oil selection for the impact load part of the coil feed line.

2. The surface precision of the gear teeth is relatively rough.

3. High sliding contact (steel worm gear) option.

4. The worm gear of the leveling feeder head is made of steel worm and copper worm gear (do not choose extreme pressure gear oil).

5. Synthetic oil should be selected when the coil feed line is used in high temperature applications.

6. Do not use gear oil containing extreme pressure EP additives for the reduction gear with reverse stop device.

7. The reduction gear box with serious oil leakage of the feeder can be used.

Semi-liquid grease can be used to solve short-term problems, but in actual use, it is necessary to strictly follow the above lubrication rules to ensure the normal operation of the coil feed line.