At present, many customer stamping workshops will choose a coil feed line with a precision punch as the stamping automation production line. Because the coil feed line has the characteristics of comprehensive functions, compact structure, convenient use, high leveling and feeding accuracy, and less wear-resistant parts loss, the use of such a model scheme can meet the production needs of manufacturers. But sometimes people will encounter some problems when using it, that is, if the mold of the coil feed line is damaged, how to repair it in such a situation?

1. Foreign body entering
The die parts are damaged and dropped, the screws protrude from the die surface or other items enter the die, which may damage the lower die, stripping plate or punch, and guide posts. When the coil feed line is not in use, pay attention to the warranty.

2. Buried in a hot place
The quenching temperature should not be too high or different, the number of tempering times, temperature and time should be appropriate, and the quenching method and time should be grasped.

3. Improper stamping
The working height adjustment is too low, the guide column loses oil, the material strip is sent by mistake, the air pipe is not installed or not opened, the punch is abnormal, etc., and the damage caused by it. To avoid the above situation, check it when starting up.

4. Waste blockage
The blanking hole of the three-in-one feeder should be drilled to an appropriate size, and the blanking should be cleaned in time when it falls on the bed.

5. Different escape holes
The size and depth of the escape hole of the punch pressing plate should be sufficient, and the escape part of the punch and the stripping plate should be consistent.

6. Stamping stack
Punching cannot be continued when the sheets overlap.

7. The punch falls
Use a certain strength screw to fully fix the punch.

If you fully pay attention to the above aspects and use the coil feed line correctly, you can better reduce the damage rate of the coil feed line mold and achieve higher efficiency.

The above is the coil feed line mold damage treatment method sorted out by Henli. If the above problems cannot be solved, please call Henli professionals for help.